Students aged 13-17: Join our Global Student Forum

An exciting opportunity for your students to have a say on what works and doesn’t work with the new ideas we are developing to help students learn - and to earn $200 worth of gift vouchers!



“Making technology for kids without working directly with them is like making clothes for someone you don’t know the size of” -  Thomas, age 9, Kidsteam Participant at University of Maryland’s Human Computer Interaction Lab

Everyone seems to have a theory or an opinion about what works best with the children of today. The question is: how can educational companies such as Pearson make sure that the products we create are going to get the thumbs up and really engage the learners?

Our answer couldn’t be any simpler: WE ASK THE STUDENTS!

We’re looking for students from around the world to be part of this year’s Global Student Forum. Through an online discussion group and monthly video calls, students share insights on different topics and collaborate on projects related to improving the learning experience.

Tell your students about this great opportunity to learn and earn!
Download and print a leaflet with information they can take home. Apart from making friends with a great bunch of young people from around the world, they will gain valuable experience, and after participating fully in all the activities, they will get a $200 Amazon gift voucher (or equivalent voucher in local currency)

Who is it for?
We are looking for students aged 13-17, who are curious about the world and others, who like coming up with ideas, experimenting and testing things out. Who are never satisfied with “I don’t know”, but instead opt for “Let’s find out”.

All sessions are in English, so a good level of English (B2 minimum) is a must.

We ask for a commitment of 3 hours a month
From December 2018 the chosen students will participate in regular online discussion groups (1-2 hours) and join a 1 hour video call for all the students in the Forum.

How do students apply?
First, we ask the students to fill out this short application form and submit by November 9th. The selected candidates will then go through a short video interview, and all candidates will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by December 1st 2018.

Is it fun?
Yes, it is! But don’t take our word for it, here is what the Forum members have said in previous years:

Since I am a curious person I want to know so much about other countries so it was amazing to share culture and traditions of the other students. I learned my "marks" are different than other schools around the world and how strict schools are in China. (Italy)

I was surprised that everyone's complaints about their school and teachers were similar. (India)

It was fun and I enjoyed meeting other students from all over the world.  It's interesting to find out how their school works. I was surprised to find out other students do not use devices in their classroom. (Australia)