Top five key features on your community site

Take a look at these top tips so you can benefit the most from the site

  1. Multiple ways to share ideas

Do you like writing? Do you have views and ideas you want to share? Submit them on this site! Simply click ‘Share’ (which is the green button on most pages). More of a talker? Arrange an interview with Sara Eastwood and she’ll write up your story ready for you to share with your colleagues and friends. You can also start discussions and share videos or photos.

  1. Connect with teachers and school leaders across the world

At your fingertips are profiles of teachers and school leaders who you can learn so much from. Every member has a profile with their previous experience and the country in which they are based. You can direct message a member, send them a ‘Connect’ request and see what articles they have submitted.

  1. Private groups in specific areas

We realise that you may just want to focus on the area you work in without seeing news that's irrelevant to you. So take a look at the groups and join as many as you like and you want to find out more about. If there is a group missing, we are open to suggestions, so comment below and we might be able to make it happen.

  1. Free advertising of jobs and events

Yes, you read that correctly: FREE promotions of the jobs and events happening at your school. Just submit them to us and they will be online within two working days.

  1. Weekly updates in the news section

We will be honest with you; we are a young site and so our average news posting is once a week. You can change this by starting discussions and sharing interesting topics together. So let's make it more about your ideas and learning from each other in the news section. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher thinking about moving overseas and want to ask questions, or if you are head of your school, everyone's opinion is seen here.


Have fun!