The voices of global students

What is it like to be a teenager today in Turkey or Mexico or India attending international school online? What happens if you change countries every year, but take your school with you?

Learning online – anywhere in the world Learning online – anywhere in the world

Jason Agins, a high school teacher at the International Connections Academy (iNaCA), asks these questions in his popular podcast series, The iNaCA Traveler. A globe-trotting educator who has settled (for now!) in the U.S. with his wife Stephanie – also an iNaCA teacher – Jason interviews students from all over the world about their daily routines, their hopes and their observations about life and school. 

International Connections Academy is a global virtual private school that serves students in more than 50 different countries. Students go to school online from their homes or on the road, working with specially trained teachers and a rigorous curriculum toward an American high school diploma. About 20% of iNaCA students live outside the U.S., a number that grows every year. These global students include expats (American, British, and other) as well as local kids whose sights are set on university in the U.S.

The 16 episodes so far of The iNaCA Traveler include interviews with students from the Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Japan, and beyond, as well as a “ride-along” with a family of iNaCA students who are traveling around America in their family’s converted school bus. Agins, who calls his U.S. History courseload his “day job,” explores in his audio interviews with students everything from their personality quirks, to their favorite local cuisine, to the nuts-and-bolts of studying in a virtual school.

Agins is proud of being “a pioneer” in online education. “We’re the first generation of teachers to teach in a fully virtual environment,” he says. As for his students all over the globe, “I love hearing their stories and seeing them thrive in this new virtual world of education.” 

You can check out the growing chorus of global student voices at The iNaCA Traveler, and watch for more episodes in the coming school year.