Thinking of resigning as a teacher

Some of the reasons why I am considering alternative careers to teaching.

Time for change Time for change

When I first began teaching, ten years ago, I was determined to inspire all students with the love of physics that I had. I was particularly focused on making physics more appealing and accessible to female students, as there was still the overwhelming idea that they did not like and could not do the subject as well as male students. This drive and focus resulted in me spending a large amount of time creating innovative ways to teach physics and science. This led to out of the box lessons that were incredibly fun to teach and which the students really enjoyed.

I am currently working in an international school in Kuala Lumpur, which is very results driven, and has a cohort that are very much maths and science focused. My lessons have morphed into a constant string of exam prep from the start of Year 10 until the end of Year 12. My students are wonderful and I really enjoy teaching them, but I have lost that magic moment when you win over someone who previously thought physics was ‘boring’.

I am now considering whether teaching is the career for my future; it is for my present and I am happy and challenged right now. However, I am unsure, whether in two or three years, I will still feel this way; I suspect not. I feel like I am coming to the end now and I am thinking about where to go from here. I very much enjoy creating resources and designing curriculums for physics, so perhaps I will do something related to this.

I am not sure what the future holds for me teaching wise, perhaps moving to a school that is less focused on achieving top results (if such a school exists) will be the answer. Or maybe it will be to continue in another aspect of education. Whatever it is, it will be something related to physics education and inspiring younger generations to explore and explain the world around them.