Highlights from the UK study tour

Part one of participant highlights

From 24th-26th January 2018 delegates from KSA and Jordan schools went on a UK study tour powered by Pearson and the British Council. Some of our participants noted down the details and highlights of their trip, providing a first-hand insight into the experience.

This week, we hear from Lana Shennak, British Programme Coordinator at the International Schools of Islamic Educational College:

“This refreshing study tour is what I think every teacher needs! It started with meeting the renowned examination boards that we work with overseas, and understanding how everything happens: teaching and learning methods, the creation dispatch and grading of the exams. Just meeting the faces behind it all makes a big difference to the delivery of the programme in Jordan.

I think the highlight of the trip was Karen George’s enlightening workshop at Pearson Edexcel.

She’s a very inspiring, and experienced person; and I loved how she gave us small strategies that can be applied the minute you step out of the workshop!

What I also loved was the whole cross-cultural experience. London is just historically breath-taking and you can’t help but fall in love with the authenticity of that city.

Meeting new people and interacting with teachers from different countries also bridged the gap of finding similarities and seeing things from different perspectives. It just opens up your mind and allows you to love those different from you and respect their traditions and cultures, learning why they think the way they do.

I can’t thank the British Council enough for giving us such an opportunity and I highly encourage everyone to join next time in this unforgettable experience!"

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